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Small, Movable Bump - (Left)Jawline
jessicat1206 posted:
I have a small hard lump under my skin along my left jawline. It is not inside the mouth, you can only feel it from the outside. It easily moves from side to side. Sometimes it is smaller (size of a bean) or it can grow larger (size of a large marble). I have found no pattern to when it gets smaller or bigger, only that it does. It does not normally hurt, unless I press on it when it's bigger.

It has been there for over a year, but I guess I'm too scared to go to the doctor over it. Please let me know if you've experienced this, or know something about it.
Rod_Moser_PA_PhD responded:
That's ridiculous, Jessica. You have been worried/concerned, and felt this lump for OVER a YEAR (!) and have not done anything about it??? As you know, fear is not a cure for these things. I know you are probably worried about cancer....or a lymphoma...or some horrible disease, but there is absolutely no way that you are going to find that answer sitting at home worrying about it.

You need to make an appointment with a medical provider -- someone that can delve into your case, review your medical history, and examine you. These are things that I cannot do over the Internet.

This may just be a normal reactive, submandibular lymph node, but that is not the whole story. The real concern would be what is CAUSING the reactive node? There may be an innocent, logical reason, but you are not going to know unless you are properly examined.
Ruth59 replied to Rod_Moser_PA_PhD's response:
I realize this is an older post but I recently found a similar lump under my jawline and was wondering what type of doctor I should see - should it be a family physician or a specialist (if so, what specialization)?
Rod Moser, PA, PhD replied to Ruth59's response:
Start with your family medical provider, Ruth....this could be a reactive lymph node, cyst, etc., so once you are properly examined and diagnosed, your medical provider will know how best to proceed. You may end up with an antibiotic if it is felt to be due to an infection (lymph nodes increase in size when there is an infection in their drainage neighborhood), or perhaps, just 'watchful waiting'.
notdumb replied to Rod_Moser_PA_PhD's response:
I know why you are on the internet as a Dr. YOU HAVE ZERO BEDSIDE MANNER.
Calling the young lady out is not a compassionate way to encourage her to obtain help, especially from someone supposedly in the medical profession.

kittylove15 responded:
I have the same thing on my jawline currently, it's been there for a year since last Feb. I already have a ENT and a dentist, neither of them did anything. I'm seeing dermatologist next week. It hurts if the bump moves or if I chew too much
lisacervantes8 responded:
Jessica, did you ever figure out what it was? I just discovered the same thing and I'm curious to hear what you found out about it.

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