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Sinus and a fleshy material
Sinus19 posted:
Okay, a couple of weeks ago I had gotten a cold. During my cold when I was going to bed I swallowed a bunch of what I guess was mucus. After that I had to blow my nose and when I did, this fleshy material came out of my nostril it was bloody, but only on the upper part of the flesh. I put in a small container wrapped in toilet paper, checked back a couple of days and it was melted into the paper, completely gone. Showing only where it had laid. Afterwards, my ear popped so everything is hard to hear. And it won't go back to normal, could this have anything to with the fleshy material?

It sounds odd, but I would like to know if anyone had ever heard of such a thing and what it could be.
Rod_Moser_PA_PhD responded:
Mucous can have very odd appearances. Based on what you have shared, that fleshy material was not likely flesh or tissue, but rather a variation of some very thick mucous.

Your popping ears could be related to post-nasal drainage. If your symptoms persist, you should see your medical provider to make sure you do not have an underlying sinusitis.
Sinus19 responded:
Thank you,

I was worried I might have blown out my ear drum or some kind of brain matter.
Rod_Moser_PA_PhD responded: is not likely that you are coughing up brains....or eardrums.
Rod_Moser_PA_PhD responded:
You must first see a medical provider so that you can be properly diagnosed. I would suggest an ENT specialist if you can arrange this.
JC1605 responded:
I have had a cold for the past week and whenever i blow my nose it starts to bleed. I've had nose bleeds for years, because i live in a very dry State. I expect to have them. But this is different. The blood comes out in huge drops, will not stop until i hold my head back for a few minutes. If i try to stop it by plugging up my nose with tissue so i can continue to work; when i pull the paper out it comes out very red with this long (approx. 2inches) trail of bloody mass. This has happened for the past 5 days. what can i do to stop it?
Rod_Moser_PA_PhD responded:
You are seeing a blood clot, and this indicates that your nose was bleeding a large amount, quite quickly. You may need to have this bleeding site chemically-cauterized, so make an appt as soon as possible with your medical provider.

Please put "nosebleeds" or "epistaxis" in your search engine so that you can learn more about nosebleeds, their causes, and the proper way of stopping them.
Budda42 replied to Rod_Moser_PA_PhD's response:
Hi Dr. Moser,

I had a similar experience two days ago at the tail end of a very nasty flu. As I was clearing my sinuses I encountered something fleshy and I didn't know what in the world it was. The experience repeated itself two more times and my partner was equally mystified. Ultimately I decided to dump both samples down the toilet as I managed to break my fever and I really don't like going to the doctor's office. I am relieved to know that others have the same experience.

I too was able to breath more effectively after the "tissues" evacuated themselves from my body. Why do they appear fleshy and why do they appear to have blood vessels. The creepiest part for me is why do they "leave" when I have a really bad fever. I'd love to know the answer Dr. Moser.

Best regards

Rod Moser, PA, PhD replied to Budda42's response:
I wish I could answer those questions for you, my friend, but I don't really have a medical explanation for you, and I don't want to make up some sort of theory. Mucosa (the lining of the nose, mouth, etc) can peel off, just like skin. When it is highly-inflammed, this would be one reason you may see material that seems to be tissue. The fact that you improve when this material is evacuated is good.

Yes, the body is bizzare and creepy sometimes, but nothing in your posting raises any red flags in my suspicious mind.
An_248793 replied to Rod Moser, PA, PhD's response:
I started to feel like i had got the flu, but this time its different. On my right side of my throat its swollen and my right nostril seems to give me a different smell. I smell something weird hard to explain and no one else smells it i can taste it in my throat and it taste like acid kind of but smelly. When i bend down looking down wards my right nostril feels like i went swimming and i got water stuck in it kind of a feeling the the smell is worse facing down and only on my right.Also when i close my left nostril and breath in my right side i can smell the nasty odor even more. Has any one ever experienced this. I have always had smelly mucous/buggers and mostly from my right side, so weird...
Rod Moser, PA, PhD replied to An_248793's response:
This may be a sign of infection in your right maxillary sinus. Bacteria can definitely produce an odor and cause your nose to swell, so I would suggest that you see your medical provider so you can be properly examined, diagnosed, and treated.
hypomom replied to beenyweeny's response:
I had a similar thing happen to me. I had been sleeping and got up to get my son a bottle. I felt like there was phlegm in the back of my throat so I cleared it out into the sink. I hear this ping sound that made me think it wasn't just snot so I looked in the sink to find this grape sized, transparent ball with what resembled veins in it. It looked like some kind of egg sack.

Anyways, I put it in a bag and froze it, just in case something else happened and I needed to show it to my doctor. Nothing ever happened after that and I'm still alive, this happened three years ago.

My dad said he had a similar thing happen to when he was in his mid to upper 20's. So I figured it must be a more common thing than I thought.
maxesangels4 replied to Rod Moser, PA, PhD's response:
I'm glad I googled this. Been going through something similar the past couple of weeks. Maybe sinusitis, it first started a couple week ago when I blew my nose and started noticing blood in the tissue. That went on for a couple of days and then the upper part of my nose would hurt to the touch. It felt like there was dried blood up there. Then about a week ago, what came out of my nose looked like little pieces of lettuce, but more yellow. That's the best way I can describe the stuff coming out, lettuce. Or little pieces of skin, with veins of blood. Very gross looking. Should I make an appointment?

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