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    Clicking noise in head above ear
    mack5mom posted:
    I am a 35 year old healthy mom of 3.I have hypothyroidism and have suffered with migraines for many years.I have always had problems with sinus infections but the last year has been horrible.I have had almost constant sinus infections and/or pressure and extreme sinus pain.Two weeks ago I developed a clicking noise in my head on the right side above my ear.I mostly hear it when i walk.The same spot that the noise originates from has developed a knot.Somewhat tender to the touch.I dont have any unusual ear pain other than the normal pressure/fullness I always have.My right eye has also started to twitch.Seems to be worse during a sinus headache.Sometimes I cant even think clearly.Sinus headaches have also gotten much worse.I dont think I can stand it much longer.The sinus pain is bad enough,now I have this Clicker in my head too.Feel like I am going crazy.Any advice or ideas?Thanks
    Rod_Moser_PA_PhD responded:
    Idea? Yes, but none of them may not be appropriate for your particular case. You need to see your medical ENT or a neurologist, depending on the source of this "clicking". Migraines can produce odd symptoms; sinusitis can cause sounds to be generated in the paranasal sinuses; people can have little muscle spasms in the middle ear called myoclonus that can result in clicking (even if you do not have ear pain or symptoms).. This is just to name a few.

    Because of your constant sinus pressure, you may want to start with the ENT. Have you had a sinus CT scan?
    IamJason responded:
    I also have a clicking noise above my right ear when I walk briskly. Started a couple weeks ago. I believe I have had this before intermittently, but it has always gone away fairly quickly in the past.

  • I am unable to reproduce the sound except by walking briskly - usually 1 snap per step.
  • It happens regardless of position of my head, neck, and jaw.
  • I can stop it only by applying pressure to the spot above my ear (approx 1 inch up), or by walking more slowly.
  • Problem returns a few seconds after releasing this pressure.
  • I can feel the clicking, but only barely. The sound is quite irritating however.

  • I do not suffer from migraines, hypothyroidism, and I don't believe I have or have had any sinus problems, nor do I have any other symptoms you describe. Probably unrelated.

    I do not know what it is, but I have found others with this problem:
    Rod_Moser_PA_PhD responded:
    That is an interesting association with the walking...

    Another possibility would be a condition called Myoclonus

    Those three tiny ear bones in your middle ear (the area on the other side of your eardrum) have muscles (the stapedial and tensor tympani muscle) that are attached to them. Like any muscle, they can go into spasm and rapidly twitch (myoclonus). Then this happens in the ear, it will cause the eardrum to vibrate like a drum, resulting in a clicking or even a machine-like sound. The muscles in the throat and palate (the tensor veli palatini muscle) can also be contributory. Why it seems to correlate and is synchronous with walking, I have no idea, unless I had the opportunity to examine you first-hand.

    If this persists, I would advise you to see a good ENT specialist.
    IamJason responded:
    correction - I CAN often duplicate the sensation/sound without walking fast - by suddenly jerking my head - most effectively when I jerk it up and back.

    It sounds a lot like a static electricity shock.

    I don't think it's related to my eardrum since it goes away when I apply slight pressure above my ear (approx 1 inch up and 1 inch backward from the ear), which is where it seems the sound is coming from.

    I will explore more carefully what areas I can touch to stop the sound.
    Rod_Moser_PA_PhD responded:
    The bottom line: You will need to be seen by a medical provider so that you can be properly examined, diagnosed, and treated -- three things that we cannot accomplish over the Internet.
    soonerokie responded:
    I am 38 and have had something very similar to what you have described for almost a year. It comes and goes. I have been to an ENT and also have been checked for TMJ. Nothing has seemed to help. It clicks when I walk. Like each step. I have no pain, just the noise. It seems to help when I apply pressure above my ear or hold my head up. Have you found anything else out about this issue?
    Sandubs replied to IamJason's response:
    I'm having something that sounds very similar to yours, IamJason. Have you gained any more insight since a year ago??
    Rod Moser, PA, PhD replied to Sandubs's response:
    Have you had your symptoms evaluated, Jason? Similar symptoms do not imply that you will have the same diagnosis.
    hollyph replied to Rod Moser, PA, PhD's response:
    Yep. I have the same thing. It sounds like two tiny metal balls clinking together when I walk briskly or jog. It's just above and behind my right ear. No migraines but I do have TMJ disorder. Anybody ever get this diagnosed?
    Rod Moser, PA, PhD replied to hollyph's response:
    You deserve to have your own examination and diagnosis. Someone else's answer or diagnosis does not necessarily imply that you have the same, identical problem. Every person is different and there are multiple reasons to have those symptoms.

    Get it checked out....
    clickclickent replied to hollyph's response:
    I have the same problem just like metal balls hitting. It only happens when I run jump bounce, walk upstairs fast etc. I've been having this for 4 months now.It started after I increased my workout intensity.[br>[br>I have seen 2 ENT doctors. I had a hearing test. They said there is nothing wrong in the tiny bones in my inner ear cause I hear perfectly fine. One of the doctors said that one of the muscles in my ear is having a spasm which is triggered by jumping running and it is because I don't get proper sleep. I usually sleep 6 hours at most.That's not something new. But, I feel like it is a mechanical sound that is triggered by up and down movement.It doesn't happen when I shake my head up and down. I had my wisdom teeth removed 6 months before the clicking sounds started but I don't think it has anything to do with my jaw since I don't have the clicking sound when I open my mouth,chew etc.They said the sound should disappear in couple of months but I doubt that.I have been using ear plugs for 4-5 years when I'm sleeping or studying.I don't know whether it effected the pressure-balance in my ear over the past years.They also checked my throat and the opening of the Eustachian tube with something like an endoscope. They can't see anything wrong. Do you still have the same problem?
    clickclickent replied to clickclickent's response:

    I'm here to update.

    I stopped working out so the clicking sound in my ear is not here anymore. it might come back if i start running. i was diagnosed with tmj and that might be the reason. i also had popping sounds coming from my throat when i speak. it started after a severe cold. I ve seen a lot of doctors voice specialists etc nobody could find why. i I had xray CT.It's been almost a year my popping sounds disappeared 70%. I think they are muscle spasms, they checked my Eustachian tubes multiple times.Tough they can only see the entrance not inside the tube. I started self -healing meditation i think it was the only thing that really helped. Our nervous system is interesting you'll be amazed how stress and not sleeping enough messes up your system. The more you get obsessed with it, the more symptoms increase. If you've seen a doctor if they said there is nothing serious let it go and be optimistic.If your mind is at peace it will reflect your body.
    Friaza replied to clickclickent's response:
    Did anybody ever find out how to fix this? I started jogging regularly in may. I kept it up until this annoying clicking sound started to occur every single step above my right ear. I actually have the ability to control every muscle in my left ear, and a little in my right, as well as all my finger tips. I thought that might be a connection? That maybe it occurred in people that are proficient in controlling muscles generally not controlled manually, and that on top of the exercise caused the avil/stirup/cochlea/something

    I actually stopped running and started cycling because it was way too distracting. I cannot focus on running for 75 minutes, and my local doctor is a complete moron that just googles everything and treats me like an idiot, which I am not. I had trouble breathing on and off for years, I went to see him and he acted like I was an idiot, was disrespectful, googled everything, acted pissed off for no reason.

    I eventually diagnosed that problem myself, it was a build up of acids caused by the drink 'Lucozade', after throwing up the excess stomach acid and stopping drinking that specific drink, the problem ceased. Anyway if one of you found a way to stop the problem, please tell me. I want to run in marathons, but if I have to listen to 100,000 clicks every time I run 10k, I'll stick to cycling for my cardio.

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