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Ears & Hydrogen Peroxide
tawnyaben posted:
I am a little concerned about my ear...

On Monday I had the beginnings of a cold which has turned into what I believe is a sinus infection. We were out of town for the holidays so I have just been taking over the counter meds until I can get to my Dr. On the flight home, my head felt like it was going to explode. The last 20 minutes of the flight I seriously thought my left eardrum might rupture because the pressure was so bad and there was nothing I could do to relieve it. After we got our luggage, my in-laws picked us up. I was explaining my ear problem to them and my mother-in-law suggested putting hydrogen peroxide in my ear. I had never done it before but she said she had and that it works. So, when we got to her house she put the peroxide in my ear. After a few minutes it felt like some of the pressure was relieved but it still hurts and now I feel like I have liquid and pressure in my ear. Can putting peroxide in your ear cause an ear infection due to liquid being stuck in the ear? Or, could this all be part of the pressure I feel? It kind of hurts and I am debating on going to an urgent care facility tomorrow instead of waiting until Monday (to try to get an appt with my DR.).

Thanks for any information you have!
Rod_Moser_PA_PhD responded:
If you seemed to improve with the peroxide then it was just a coincidence. Peroxide in the ear canal would have absolutely no effect or benefit on MIDDLE EAR pressure -- the area on the other side of the eardrum. Post-flight ear pain is due to pressure and the failure of your eustachian tubes in regulating changes in this pressure. Most will improve in time...a few hours or a few days, depending on the severity.

Peroxide is safe in the ear CANAL assuming the eardrum is intact -- some incidences of ear pressure can cause the eardrum to rupture. In this case, NOTHING should be instilled in the ear unless prescribed by a medical provider. Peroxide will not cause an infection.

Read my FAQ on "airplane ears" for some other suggestions. You will find a link on the main page of this board.
tawnyaben responded:
Thank you for the information!

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