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Throat tear?
DF102 posted:
Hi, im a 24 year old male. Let start from the beggining, ive already seen an ENT for this. About a year ago I started feeling a "tear" it seems in my esophagus, right where you swallow. I believe this to be caused by blunt trauma when I was at work, I fell off a boat and landed on the corner off a tool box. The top part of the back of my neck hit and shortly after I felt like a small spot when I swallow. I didnt really give it much thought and kinda forgot about it.

As I am typing this I can feel it alot more than when I first noticed it, it seems it has gotten worse over the year. I can feel it a little when im not swallowing but not as bad as when I do swallow. If I have a few alcoholic drinks I can definetly notice it and when I wake up in the morning throughout the day it gets really annoying.

The ENT I went to, looked at the back of my throat with a scope (not the one that goes down your throat) and said everthing looked normal from what he could see. I will say that I was dumb for not going to the doctor right when I noticed it. He ordered a CT scan on my neck and said there was an infection and gave me steroids and antibiotics. I cant really remember but I think he called it esophageal hematoba?

I can say that it has definetly gotten worse, I am not vommiting blood and it isnt painful but really annoying and it scares me.

The past 9 months, I really cant drive for longer than 30 minutes because I will start to panic because for some reason when I drive it seems to "flair" (thats the best I can describe it). I do smoke ciggarettes.

The way my throat feels this area feels like its about the size of a quarter and has gotten to the point where I do not like turning my head all the way cause I feel that it can make it worse.

Ill be honest and say that im scared. My follow up ENT visit isnt till later next week. I can say that it is definetly getting worse and not better. Somtimes I feel like I can choke at any second, or bleed, even though I dont think I am bleeding. My stool isnt red or anything.


Ive been reading about this on the net and im confused more than ever. i have cancelled activities with friends because I dont want to start panicing if it starts to feel really noticable.

But whatever is wrong with me definatly feels like a tear.

What is the treatment for this?? Is there any reason to be afraid like I am? Im not scared of going to the doctor but more afraid for my life. How is the recovery? After treatment or surgery will I be back to normal like old times? Please help.
Rod_Moser_PA_PhD responded:
You have me at a distinct disadvantage --- I have no way of examining you over the Internet in order for me to offer you an opinion as to what you are dealing with, or how it should be treated. Only your ENT can really address this issue. I don't know if you are a surgical candidate or not...I am sorry.

Just because something feels like a "tear", does not mean their is a tear. Nerves can play tricks on the mind by sending false neurological signals. Additionally, you appear to be having a significant psychological component (panic reactions). A panic reaction alone can give a person feelings that there is something in the throat. I am not saying this is what is happening to you, but clearly, panic reactions may be contributory.

You need to stick with your ENT's recommendation, or see another ENT for a second opinion. As much as I would like to help you with specific recommendations, I do not have enough information to do so.

FYI - it was probably a "hematoma" that your doctor mentioned (a fancy name for a "bruise')/

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