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Painful Air Bubble Caught in Throat
supernatural61 posted:
Occasionally, when eating certain foods a painful air bubble forms in the back of my throat. I attempt to release it by belching but for some reason I cannot. The only way to rectify the issue is by "force" swallowing a carbonated soda which will force the bubble into my stomach. That initial gulp of soda is very difficult to swallow. On 2 occasions, I have taken that initial gulp and the air is attempting to release through my mouth and at the same time I am trying to swallow the liquid and I go into this dangerous "limbo" situation where I can't breathe. Any help would be apprciated.
froggy16866 responded:
It does that when i eat too my mom always told me it was because i was eating or drinking too fast!
Rod_Moser_PA_PhD responded:
I have no way of determining WHY this is happening in your particular case, namely since I do no know anything about you, your medical history, or have any way of examining you....but, I can tell you this is not likely an ENT disorder (the focus of this board), but one that is more likely to be esophageal or gastrointestinal.

If your doctor is not able to determine a cause or a solution, and if he/she agrees this is a GI disorder, than seeing and consulting a specialist in this particular area may be very helpful to you.

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