Popping sensation in nose
KatBee posted:
For the past few months I have been experiencing a popping sensation in my nose, mostly my left nostril that is very irritating. It's at the top of my nose and when it gets really bad, it is often accompanied by a headache in my forehead or behind my eyes. My doctor told me that my left nostril was inflamed and gave me a steroid nasal spray, but it only helps a little and the pain and popping keeps coming back. Any idea what this could be? Do I need to go see an ENT for something else? It also was really bad when I when I took a plane trip recently. I was in horrible pain and my nose felt completely pressurized, like your ears normally would, but I couldn't pop my nose obviously, so it just stayed that way for hours after I landed. Any ideas?
Rod_Moser_PA_PhD responded:
Think sinues....

If your primary car doctor is not able to solve this problem, then seeing an ENT is very appropriate. Sometimes, you may need a CT of your paranasal sinuses -- the best way to image them. Keep taking the steroid sprays in the meantime....