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Bleeding from middle ear after ear tube has fallen out
brad1221 posted:
Can someone please help me I have a 10 year old daughter that had her second set of ear tubes put in three months ago. This morning she woke up with the right side of her face covered in blood as well as her hands.When I looked to see where the bleeding was coming from I noticed it was her ear. I took ear to the ER and the doctor there told me that the tube had fallen out and that he was giving her ear drops for an infection but he did not see an infection. I have a cotten ball in her ear collecting blood so it does not run down her face and I have had to change it 4 time since 10 am this morning. Is this normal? This never happened with her first set of tubes and they stayed in for 2 years not 3 months. what should I do?

Rod Moser, PA, PhD responded:
Have her examined by the ENT that put in the tubes. The blood will need to be carefully suctioned out so that the status of your tubes can be determined. They may still be intact, but you won't be sure until the blood and other debris is removed (not something you can do yourself0.

I know the blood is alarming, but in most cases, this is not a serious issue. If the tubes have extracated (fallen out), there is really nothing that can be done other than having them reinserted.