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Nasal Swabs Clearing MRSA status
An_187504 posted:
I originally had hospital acquired MRSA in my heel. It has healed and I am off antibiotics. Now I am told that 3 clear nasal swabs will clear me of my MRSA status. I was also told that if 1 is positive I can use some nasal cream to clear the MRSA from the nasal passage. If a cream can clear it from my nasal passage, then how can nasal swabs clear me of my body's MRSA status?
Rod Moser, PA, PhD responded:
It can't....

Many people with MRSA will find that this bacteria has colonized in the nasal passage. A person can have MRSA in the heel and not have it in the nose.
An_187505 replied to Rod Moser, PA, PhD's response:
You last statement is what I was thinking about when I started this discussion, If I had it in my heel and never my nose, why are 3 clear nasal swabs allowed to verify that I am no longer MRSA precautions necessary? Does the clearance mean I really have no more obligation to tell healthcare workers and others that I am a MRSA patient. I take my obligation to protect healthcare workers seriously and I guess I am just confused as to what I need to let them know. Wouldn'y you want to know I was MRSA if I came to you after 3 clear nasal swabs for what was MRSA in the heel?
Rod Moser, PA, PhD replied to An_187505's response:
First, how did you get MRSA in your heel. I don't suspect you are walking around the hospital in your bare feet, but if you are a woman, do you wear those open heel shoes? MRSA is just about everywhere in the hospital environment, however, so you may never know the source. If you had MRSA on your arm, for instance, as long as it is covered and you are a thorough hand-washer, it cannot jump through a dressing onto another person. Some people do contaminate their noses (from their unwashed hands), so thus....the nasal colonization.

If you have three negative nasal swabs, you have been treated, and your place of employment gives you the "okay", then you are good to go. You are not Typhoid Mary.

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