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Inflamed anti-tragus
bellafish posted:
My one year old daughter woke up this morning with a bright red anti-tragus. She doesn't have a fever, isn't pulling on the ear, and has no history of ear infections. No other part of the ear is red. She has been more fussy than normal but she is teething.

I thought if she had hit her ear with her hand or had been rubbing or laying on it it should be less red as time goes on but she has been awake for over an hour now and no change in redness.

I know if I call the doctor the receptionist will tell me to come in. I will go in and the doctor will look at us like we are stupid and send us home.

Any ideas or suggestions??
Rod Moser, PA, PhD responded:
How old is your daughter? Is she indicating an itching or pain?

Think trauma....sometimes, pressure on this part of the ear when sleeping can do it, or banging into something during the night.

Think bugs....I have seen an entire eye close and an ear twice the size (and red) from a mosquito or non-venomous spider bite (even if you can't see a bite mark).