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Growth/Lump Behind Tonsil
JessM2307 posted:
Dear Doctor, First let me thank you for taking the time to read my post.

I recently got over a bad cold and sinus infection. I had the usual symptoms---sore throat, bad congestion, cough, fatigue. I got better for a couple of days and then suddenly some of my glands under the left side of my jaw become painful and swollen, but I did not have a sore throat. I decided to check my tonsils to see if they were enlarged or had any white spots, etc. I admit that I looked more thoroughly than even before and when I pushed my tongue down, I noticed something protruding from behind the left tonsil. It's not very big, smooth and rounded, and it's growing from the side wall of my throat. It's somewhat behind that second arch that encapsulates the tonsil, and the base of my tongue. It seems to be a bit lighter in color than the tissue around it. Sort of yellowish at the tip.

I don't seem to have this on the other side, but the right side is a bit more difficult to see because I have a cyst on that tonsil. I understand you'd need to examine me to be certain of a diagnosis, but any idea what this might be? I suppose there's a chance it's been there for some time, since I never look so closely. Could it be part of my tonsil? Or just normal tissue? Another cyst? I recently went to an ENT, but he did not look much in my mouth and I fear he missed it.

I was put on antibiotics for the sinus infection and my swollen glands have been gone for about a week and a half now, but the lump persists. I have no sore throat either. I do have chronic allergies that I'm just now trying to get a hold of with a steroid nasal spray. I also suffer from tonsil stones..

I'd appreciate any insight you could provide. Best, J
Rod_Moser_PA_PhD responded:
As much as I would like to help you...and as well as you tried to explain what you are seeing, it is not the same as me examining you first-hand. I am very sorry, but I cannot offer you any blind insight...or even wild guesses based solely on your description.

You would need to have your primary care doctor or an ENT examine you.

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