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clogged ear
An_187598 posted:

I am a 21 y/o female. I have been diagnosed with chronic sinusitis last year. My sinuses are bad all year, but every July they get the worst. My left ear clogs up every year in July. I then always get a couple of ear infections. The fullness feeling in my ear ususally clears up by September, when medications and steriods do not work. Well this year my ear has stayed clogged. I can hear myself echo when I talk and can barely hear out of my ear. I went to my ENT and he suggested that I get a CT of my sinuses. The CT showed that I have a polyp in my left Euchasian tube. Since medications and steriods did not work, he wants me to have surgery. During the surgery he wants to remove the polyp and to clean out my sinuses.

Is this safe?
Will I loose my sense of smell?
Will the polyp grow back?
Will I still have to get a tube put in my ear?
Will my sinuses get better?
Rod Moser, PA, PhD responded:
Is this safe?
All surgeries have risks -- risks of the procedure itself, and anesthesia risks. I do not know the details of YOUR particular case, the type of surgical method that will be used, or anything about your medical history, to be able to address the safety of this procedure with you. Only the ENT can do this.

Will I lose my sense of smell?
Obviously, I cannot predict the future, but I guess this is possible. Most of the time, ENT surgeries do not adversely affect the ability to smell. Again, your ENT would need to discuss this with you.

Will the polyp grow back?
I don't know. I don't have enough information on this "polyp".

Tubes in the ear?
Maybe, but only if your fullness is attributed to middle ear effusion (fluid). Since you are hearing an echo, this mostly likely means that your Eustachian tubes may be open (patulous). Tubes are not needed for patulous tubes.

Will my sinuses get better?
That is your ENT's goal, otherwise he would not be considering surgery. Not all sinus surgeries are successful, unfortunately, but I can't predict a specific outcome for YOU.

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