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always sick
sherm80 posted:
My daughter (26) is constantly sick, this past month, she's battled a couple viruses, and now, has the flu. What is the problem here, what should she be checking, indications that something is amiss somewhere?? She takes vitamins, eats healthy, sleeps ok. She does work in a hospital setting (social work), but it will be 4 yrs now, and her immunity should be up there now, and no one else gets ill there??Should SOMETHING be checked here, OR do some people just have weak immune systems??
Rod Moser, PA, PhD responded:
Yes, some people do have weaker immune systems, but unfortunately, I have no idea if your daughter is one of them. Some people are unlucky when it comes to exposure and working in a hospital certainly is a place to be exposed...over and over again.

There are over 200 types of respiratory viruses, and it is unlikely that people are immune to all of them. I have been in the med biz for nearly four decades, and work with sick people every day. Even I get sick once in a while.

If you or your daughter is concerned about the status of her immune systems, she needs to see your medical provider so that she can be properly examined, have a few diagnostic tests, and see what turn up....if anything.