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Bloody nose when blowing nose
amiletello posted:
When I blow my nose after waking up in the morning, I am blowing red blood. When I blow my nose at any other time during the day, it is normal. This happens only with the 1st time that I blow my nose for the day. I did have a sinus infection about a month ago and this started probably about 2 weeks ago. I am not on any medicines at this time and the doctor gave me a steriod shot and put me on the Zpac for my sinus infection.
Rod Moser, PA, PhD responded:
Bright red blood is most likely coming from your nose, but you would need to see a medical provider to make that determination. Put "nosebleed" in the WebMD search engine and you will find some helpful information.

Do you have a specific question?
deloresglover responded:
I have this exact same problem, but I haven't had a sinus infection in a couple of years. I have been blowing with this problem for about 3 weeks, but not every morning.
Rod Moser, PA, PhD replied to deloresglover's response:
Do you have question about this, Delores? There are many different causes of epistaxis (bloody nose), including a dry environment, irritation from colds/flu/allergies, medications (like aspirin or other blood-thinners), and infections. If you have had this problem for three weeks, it would be in your best interest to address this problem with your medical provider -- someone who knows you, your medical history, and someone who can examine you.
beverly33 replied to Rod Moser, PA, PhD's response:
Dr Moser, I have been struggle with sinus problems off and on for a few years. Antibiotics always clears it up. Last year i went to the dr , I was stopped up so bad, burning in my sinuses, throat burning from what I thought was drainage. But they told me I had TMJ that was causing my sinuses to sweep up and said there was no infection. I went this morning, knowing that I have a sinus infection, stopped up, blowing blood really bad. And the burning in my sinuses is so bad .Sneezing off and on, when I do sneeze, it's like 5 times in a row.. The roof of my mouth is hurting , so much pain in my face ...but they say it's not infection.what could it miserable.

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