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Hearing echo in my left ear
Elcid5 posted:
I'm hearing an echo, when watching TV or hearing a conversation, same sound were heard in my left ear, In other words, I heard double of whatever I heard from source. This condition is persisting for about a week now, I'm having a head cold and just got rid of flu like symtom and taking Mucinex DM a week ago and Claritin for allergy condition at present.
Your comments and suggestion greatly appreciated.
Rod Moser, PA, PhD responded:
There can be a few different causes of "echos" in the ears, but most are related to the Eustachian tubes....

There are two tiny ventilation and drainage tubes that run from our middle ear space (the area behind the eardrum) to the back of our throats (near the adenoids) called the eustachian tubes. The main purpose of these ventilation tubes is to make sure the middle ear space is filled with AIR at the same atmospheric pressure as the outside atmosphere. These hair-like tubes are normally CLOSED, and only open briefly when we swallow. However, sometimes the tubes remain OPEN. When this happens, air will freely flow into the middle ear space — along with the sounds of your breathing or talking, creating an echo effect. This is called PET — Patulous Eustachian Tubes.

Many times, PET will be self-limiting — going away as fast as it came, but sometime you will need some expert medical intervention. Since your symptoms seem to be related to our cold, it may be prudent to wait a week or so to see if these annoying symptoms abate on their own.
Elcid5 replied to Rod Moser, PA, PhD's response:
Thank you so much for your reply, Doc Rod...
poo123 responded:
am facing same problem what remedies you used for it

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