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Jaw, neck & ear pain - left side
mlpetrelli posted:
Hello everyone...

I am looking for some advice. Saturday night I had some very painful aching in my left jaw, ear and neck. It sort of felt like it might have been high blood pressure or something because when my heart rate elveated the apin intensified and added a throbbing like sensation.

In combination with this acute attack I have had re-occuring "surges" of cold sweats for no reason and at all different times. I've been tired a lot and have been urinating between 15 and 25 times a day.

Last Friday night I was playing volleyball and had to take a break because of dizziness that were more a feeling of being spacey and my reaction time slowed and was "off". This does not typically happen to me and I had not overexerted myself by any means.

Any suggestions would be great. Oh... almost forgot... about 2 weeks ago I had some dried blood (minimal) in that left ear and I had some again this morning.

The moderate headache still remains today, the sleep issues and the neck pressure/aching is still there but has dulled significantly.

Thanks for any input/feedback!!

Rod_Moser_PA_PhD responded: much as I would like to help you, my ability to do so blindly via the Internet is severely limited. I do not know anything about you, your complete medical history, nor do I have a way of examining you -- all essential components of making a diagnosis and formulating a treatment plan. Your description is not sufficient for me to even have a clue as to what is going on with your neck....your ear....your jaw....your cold sweats....your frequent urination...your dizziness...your headaches, etc. The ONLY way that you can be properly diagnosed is to see your medical provider -- someone that has the ability to examine you, order some diagnostic tests (including a blood test for diabetes), etc.

Please get this checked out...and I would appreciate a follow-up posting after you are examined.

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