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divachic1 posted:
I have posted on here before , But now i have a new name...I always read hear and see howmany people suffer or going through tinnitus. Which this can drive you crazy. i know because i have it. When i first got it it was a worshing noise then a thumping now a ringing......I really thought about jumping but that aint even an option. I have a son ,friends , family and people whom love me. Nooo I am not going to let this beat me..

I have thought about ENT..bUT YEARS AGO, when i came down with chronic vertigo.(balance problems) they couldnt find anything wrong..i had to learn to live with it. And i did. but not before I wanted to end it all .. My mother caught me just in time. Put me in a hospital.As time went on I got better and learned to live with my vertigo.So, this time i am just so sceptical about ENT doctors. They are good but i just didnt want to hear from them "this is something you will have to live with".

Sometimes i listen for the noises,,as crazy as that sounds. And you know i hear them and then i dont.....Its agrivating and then I cry...But friends and family help me to cope. If you listen for noises you will find noises....I pray cause god is a healer...And our body is a natural healer.
I just pray everyday to help me make it through. Almost always prayer works for me.i hope it doesnt become chronic. I have talked to many people whomhave said they learned to cope...but some whom had theres cured....lucky them....I sit and just pray it goes away...

In the meantime i cant just let life pass me by cause of my ears. there is so much out there And I cant just watch the clouds and the wrold go by because of this "stumbling block" And my son will graduate next year so I WILL BE EXTRA BUSY..

I am tring not to let it drive me crazy. In the moring when I GET UP ITS LOUD.....but as the day seems to calm...Maybe in time we all will be able to hear "silence again..."

i am just saying......
shannon..I LOVE MY EARS
Rod Moser, PA, PhD responded:
As you may know, Shannon, I have tinnitus, too. I have had it for more than a decade now. Yes, it can drive you crazy....if you let it. I have just considered it another bump on life's journey.

We all cope differently, but staying busy is also my way of dealing with tinnitus, or using some type of background music or sounds to mask it. For instance, I turn on the television when I read. I do not pay attention to what is on TV, but I use the background sounds to help me concentrate on what I am reading.

There are many things in medicine that cannot be fixed or rectified. Those are just the limitations of medical science that we have to except. If you lose a leg in an accident, you do not grow a new learn to cope and adapt to a prothesis. If you have diabetes, you learn to cope. If you are deaf....or learn to cope and adapt. If you have must learn ways of coping as well, since most tinnitus cannot be cured.

It is sometimes comforting to know that there are worse things in life than tinnitus. Should I list them for you?
sherm80 responded:
as with any medical thing going on with our bodies, TRY NOT TO DWELL ON IT, busy yourself with other tasks, and mask the sound with music, especially if it's particularly annoying when in bed, background noise does help. Unfortunately, stress can aggravate the situation, so learn to relax (I know, easier said than done), think more pleasant, positive thoughts, and get tough, and say, JUST SCREW IT, life goes on, and it is NOT worth losing your life over this. You CAN get a handle on this, until, one day, you'll learn to completely ignore it. Again, crank up music you like, anything to drown out the tinnitus; and, depending on themusic, you can do relaxation techniques too, kill 2 birds with one stone. Nothing is easy, BUT "this too shall pass" is a good mantra!!
Rod Moser, PA, PhD replied to sherm80's response:
Good advice from Sherm80, but don't crank that music up too loud!
divachic1 replied to Rod Moser, PA, PhD's response:
Thank you both....I am learning to deal....sometimes it from left ear tothe right...sometimes i hear a thump...but i love life,me familly,god and my ears...soo i deal....

Rod Moser, PA, PhD replied to divachic1's response:
You are welcome.....

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