Black tonsil???? Please help!!!
studentessa posted:
I've been running a low grade fever since Monday, along with a sore throat. Yesterday I went to doctor, who makde strep screening test - was negative. He told me that it is "only a viral infection" so he can't prescibe me any medicines. I'm student from Poland and I've been studying in Sweden only for few weeks - I don't know if it is normal here but he didn't even examine me. He told me only to stay in bed. But I feel really bad - both my tonslis are huge and covered with white and grey goo, and so is the back of my throat. What is more one of my tonsils has a black spot. I can't fall asleep because of huge pain, and I'm having trouble staying hydrated it hurt so bad to swallow. And this horibble bad breath... Can I take any medicines to at least stop the pain???? I made a photo of my tonsils - but I'm not sure is it possible to send them to you??? I don't really know what should I do.... Please help me....
Rod_Moser_PA_PhD responded:
If that doctor didn't examine need to see another. As much as I would like to have you post a photograph, a picture is really not going to help. Unfortuatnely, I have no way of diagnosing or treating you via the Internet. I would need to know your complete medical history (I don't even know your age)and examine you first hand. A diagnosis takes more than just a picture....I am sorry.

You are describing exudative could be mononucleosis or any number of tonsillar infections. I would need to examine the "black spot" to comment, but this could be a hemorrhage site (just a guess).

You need to see another medical provider -- one who will examine you and run a few diagnostic tests. Yes, there are medications for pain, but right now, you need to have a definitive diagnosis.