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Blister inside my nose
An_187820 posted:
I woke up yesterday and my right nostril was very irritated and sore. I blamed it on allergies, seeing as there are a lot of horrid fires in my area. Well, it got worse last night. I got to looking at it this afternoon and noticed that there is actually a blister inside. I've never gotten cold sores. I've never had a staph infection. I'm just worried that it is staph infection as I've read a little on the net and that's what it says. Does anyone have a clue as to what it is or how I go about to soothe and heal it? I put fresh aloe on it earlier and as long as the aloe was on the blister it was relieving. My main concern is that I have a seven month old and I do not wish to pass any infection on to her, especially staph. I am her caretaker. I am around her 24/7, there's no way around it (nor do I wish there to be) and I just do not wish to pass anything to her. Also, is there anything I can put in my nose on the blister itself, like a topical anitbacterial cream? I am also breastfeeding and that is another concern, as there isn't a whole lot that I can use. Thanks for any help.
Rod Moser, PA, PhD responded:
Have you considered seeing a medical provider so that you can be properly examined, diagnosed, and treated? Staph infections in the nose can progress quite rapidly (assuming this is what you have --I can't examine you, as you know), and over-the-counter topical antibiotics may not be very effective.

You have a are nursing. You need a higher level of medical care than a presumptive Internet diagnosis.
An_187821 replied to Rod Moser, PA, PhD's response:
I don't have medical insurance nor the money for a doctor. It is feeling much better today. I've been putting neosporin on it and it seems to help. The aloe that I put on it yesterday helped a lot. I am not running a fever, therefore I am not thinking it is an infection. As I said, it is feeling quite better. Not as sore, and no more burning. I think I irritated it yesterday. It is not warm on my nostril. It is not red inside my nostril either. I'm going to keep putting neosporin and aloe on it to see if it continues to feel better. If it gets worse or there is no change I def will find a way to go to the dr. Thanks for your help.
Rod Moser, PA, PhD replied to An_187821's response:
The Neosporin is more effective than the aloe. I am pleased that you are improving. Thanks for the update.
ashley11201992 replied to Rod Moser, PA, PhD's response:
I am dealing with the same issue but as far as I know I haven't been near anyone with staph I do smoke I blew the smoke out of my nose and I had the blisters before that I have recently lost my medical card and cant afford a doctor I was wondering exactly how to treat it with my nose looking swollen

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