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Bleeding from the ear due to q-tip puncture
Anon_232088 posted:
@ 2200 I was cleaning my ears after taking a shower and while cleaning closer to the inner ear the q-tip slipped in and went to far. It stabbed the inside of my ear. I didn't think anything of it until I was putting my hair up for work a felt liquid in my ear. Thinking it was water, used my pinkie to wipe it out and it was blood. It is now 0600 the following morning and it is still bleed along with a bit clear drainage. I am going to see a doctor this morning, just curious on what to expect them to say.
Rod Moser, PA, PhD responded:
The doctor is going to most likely tell you...

1. You ruptured (or damaged) your eardrum from that Q-tip

2. You should not use Q-tips to clean your ear canal...ear wax is NOT dirt, but a protective coating and should be left alone.

3. A ruptured eardrum will most likely heal in a week or so, but you may need to come back and be re-examined to be sure.