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    Includes Expert Content
    About 1 month post tonsillectomy and still swollen
    chronictonsillitis posted:
    Hi All,

    Today finishes out my 25th day post tonsillectomy. I had been feeling alright after a post surgery hemorrhage on day 9 but, some additional problems arose a couple of days ago. I was relaxing at home when I started to notice that my throat and tongue were getting very swollen. When I started speaking it felt as if I was going to gag. I actually thought that I was having an allergic reaction to something so I took some benadryl. After this did not help the swelling I called my mother who is an RN and she suggested tylenol and ice chips. These 2 remedies helped to slightly reduce the swelling of my throat and tongue. This problem persisted throughout the weekend so I contacted my doctor today. The doctor told me that my lingual tonsils were very inflamed and that this problem/inflammation was not normal. I'm very upset about this and I'm wondering why my doctor did not remove my lingual tonsils during my surgery a few weeks ago. Based on the minimal research I have done today it seems that removal of the lingual tonsils is not common. But, based on some of what I read, it appears that removal of lingual tonsils is the surgical treatment for sleep apnea, which was one of my pre-surgical conditions, in addition to chronic tonsillitis, and chronic sinusitis.[br>[br>All in all, I have some questions: [br>[br>Has anyone else experienced this post surgical swelling of the lingual tonsils? If so, what was your treatment plan? [br>[br>Can anyone who has had their lingual tonsils removed please share some information about their experience with me? What was the recovery time? How soon were you back to work? Did you also have your pallentine tonsils and/or adenoids removed? If so, was this surgery at the same time? If you did not have them all removed at the same time which procedure would you rate as having the more painful/strenuous recovery? What additional risks are associated with removal of the lingual tonsils versus the pallentine/adenoids? Do you think that the surgery was worth it, have you had positive results?

    If anyone can share information on related experiences or any suggestions/recommendations I'd appreciate your input.

    Thanks in advance to all who are able to take the time to share some information with me. Clearly I'm very upset about another roadblock in my recovery and I want to cry at the thought of possibly needing to have this surgery a second time. Thanks again, wishing health to all!
    Rod Moser, PA, PhD responded:
    For anyone (including me) to specifically comment on your particular case is really impossible, since no one knows all of the medical details that only pretain to YOU. Another person's experience may not be applicable to your case. A person's recovery time is very individual....there are no rules of recover that apply to every human.

    Lingual tonsils (adenoids) would only be removed IF they were determined to be hypertrophic (enlarged) and causing symptoms related to their enlargement. Sleep apnea is complex, so I don't know if they were contributory or not to your array of symptoms. Why were the tonsils removed?

    Only your ENT can answer most of your patient-specific questions, or another ENT that you can see for an official "second opinion".
    tonsilless responded:
    Hi there,

    I am having almost the same issue.

    one(1) month after surgery and my lingual tonsils are inflammed, my Dr. prescribed a steroid anti-inflammatory.

    How did it go for you in the end?

    An_257027 replied to tonsilless's response:
    did you ever get relief? I am currently going through this!

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