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ear canal burning sensation
Anon_237213 posted:
I feel a burning sensation in my ear canals. It is felt more in the right canal than the left. It seems to come and go. Sometimes pain is felt deep in the ear. What could this be? I saw my internist on Monday and she said everything looked okay. I feel something is going on.

I have been dealing with nasal congestion for the past few months also. Nasal passages are finally starting to open up. I am concerned about the burning sensation in my ear canals.

Thank you
Rod Moser, PA, PhD responded:
You really want me to make that determination without examining you? As much as I would like to help you, this would be next to impossible, since there can be MANY causes of a burning sensation in the ear canal. Since it is in both ears, and the fact that you are also dealing with chronic congestion, my first guess (and it is a blind guess) would be allergy. Have you tried any allergy medications to see if it helps your ears? An antihistamine would be the first to try, assuming you can medically use them.

Other possibilities would including inflammation from Q-tip use, a viral or fungal infection, or even "referred ear pain (burning)" from another source - because of nerve pathways.

If your internist is stumped, see an ENT.