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Tonsil Regrowth? Picture attached.
ohcanada21 posted:

I am an 21 y/o female. In mid-July, I discovered a lump in my throat, where my tonsils used to be. I had my tonsils and adenoids removed at the age of nine. Long story short, I've been suffering from multiple symptoms that I think are related to this lump: intermittent ear pain + sore throats, weird irritation and pain lower down my throat, on the inner side of the throat (same side as lump), and intense neck pain on the same side. I have also been developing shortness of breath and have been suffering from extreme fatigue.

I saw an ENT and he said that it was a tonsil tag and if it grew any larger he would remove it - and it did, so I have surgery scheduled for next month. It seems to be growing down my tongue and down my throat now - would a tonsil regrowth do that? Also, why would it regrow so suddenly and out of the blue? And why would only one side be affected?

I know I am incredibly young and have no risk factors of oral cancer, (not a drinker or a smoker) but I was raised in heavy second-hand smoke and have a tendency to contract weird medical things. As a result, I have become very worried about this lump and the possibility of it being something other than a tonsil regrowth.

I have attached a link to a picture of my throat...can anyone give me an opinion on what they think? It's difficult to see the part that's growing down into my throat, but I assure you, it's there. I thought it might be part of my tongue but I don't have it on the other side... the other side of my throat is totally normal.

Please, any opinions help!
Rod Moser, PA, PhD responded:
A picture may be worth a thousand words, but not when it comes to making an accurate diagnosis. In your case, there is no substitute for a hands-on, close examination. As much as I would like to reassure you that this is nothing serious, a photo is not sufficient to make that call. Statistically, it is what your ENT told you it was....namely, a tonsillar remnant (left over tissue from your tonsillectomy). Lymph tissue (what tonsils are) can regenerate, and it does not have to be bilaterally (both sides). With your age, lack of risk factors, a cancer would not be high on my list, but I do agree that it should be surgically removed, namely because of your persistent symptoms. Any tissue will be sent to pathology where you will get a defintive diagnosis.
sahmed123 responded:

I see that you posted this 1 year ago, i was wondering what the outcome was of the swollen tonsil. was it just a tag or was it something more serious.

Any help would be greatly appreciated i am experiencing the exact same thing.

Thank you so much