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Strained muscle/tendon in neck?
rohvannyn posted:
I have a very odd problem that I've nver had before and I'd like a little insight at least. Yes I know that blind diagnoses are not possible, but I'm just curious about what this could theoretically be, and ways to make myself a little more comfortable while I go looking for medical care.

That said, I have difficulty swallowing on my right side and the problem seems to be centered around the area where my nose attaches to my throat. There is no redness or swelling visible from the inside. I also feel a pain and tension in the muscles that go from my collarbone up the underside of my jaw on at side. The other side is fine. I sometimes feel as if somethin is stuck in the back of my throat, like a loose tonsilolith. There is a small amount of swelling that can be felt on the outside of my throat.

The really odd thing about this is there was no precipitating event. My glands don't appear to be swollen. I can talk normally but feel a strain on the vocal cords of that side if I sing high notes or speak in a high voice. Lower notes pose no problem. I also feel better when I first wake up and the symptoms reduce dramatically if I sit upright. If I slouch or extend my neck forward there is a lot more discomfort. My throat does a sort of 'clicking' thing when I swallow at times. The way it feels, I feel as if I've strained something. I'm just not sure how! I don't have a "sore throat" feeling, this all feels like a mechanical problem.

Any insights would be great, even if it is just suggestions of how I can make myself a little more comfortable.

Happy New Year to you, and to everyone on the board!
Rod Moser, PA, PhD responded:
Okay...but keep in mind that "ideas" in no way implies that I think this could be a possible cause in your case.

  1. Muscle spasms: The neck has ample musculature that can be subject to spasms and/or strain. Just sleeping on a pillow that is too big or poor posture while sitting can do it.
  2. Cervical disc disease: Over time, vertebral discs can wear old and cause nerve compression.
  3. Reflux: if you tend to lie on the right side, reflux from the stomach can cause inflammation.
  4. Post-nasal drainage: allergies, colds, chronic sinusitis, coupled by dry air can irritate that nasopharyngeal area.
  5. Lymphadenitis: The neck (cervical) area is rich in lymph nodes. Any inflammatory event, such as a minor infection, can cause the nodes to "react".
  6. Stress
There are more.....finding the cause or causes will take a thorough medical work-up that may include endoscopy.
rohvannyn replied to Rod Moser, PA, PhD's response:
Thanks for the information. I fully understand you aren't tellin g me what is wrong, but I appreciate it anyway. I've learned that it seems to be positional, if I stretch my neck out or bend forward too much the issues increase so I guess my original question is answered by "if it feels wrong, don't do that!" (grin)
Rod Moser, PA, PhD replied to rohvannyn's response:
Share that with your may have come cervical disk issues.
sstever responded:
I have a similar problem and am curious what your diagnosis was?

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