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Clogged ears after an Ear Infection
jctheurer posted:
I was diagnosed with an middle ear infection on Wednesday after suffering from a really bad cold. The started to feel the infection on Monday when I got really bad pressure in both ears. This turned into very bad pain almost as if my head was imploding. The doctor gave me a shot of antibiotics and put me on ceftin for 10 days. It's almost 6 days later, and the pain is gone but I still have the feeling of water/pressure/clogged in both my ears. The left is a lot worse then the right one. Also coming with this I haven't been able to taste or smell anything in 4-5 days and I am always very tired/lethargic. Also the ringing in my ears have gotten worse. I don't know if I'm jumping the gun being nervous about this. But the fact that 3 of my senses (hearing, taste, smell) are all severly dulled is kind of scaring me. Is it common for these symptoms to last even after the infection is gone? Or do I have something else going on in there. Thank you in advance.
Rod Moser, PA, PhD responded:
Without the ability to get a medical history and examine you, it would not be possible for me to blindly determine if you have "something else" other than your previously-diagnosed middle ear infection. Even after antibiotics control the infection, you still have a "plumbing and ventilation" problem....

The fluid in your middle ear (and pressure) is really the cause of your pain. It can take time for this fluid to drain or be reabsorbed, so the fact that you still have a feeling of fullness is not unusual. Your smell and taste sensations are neurologically-linked, and the changes may be due to prior cold. If you also have a sinus infection, this could be one (of many) underlying reasons for your continuing problems.

Since neither one of us can look in your ears NOW, we really don't know if your infection is gone, so a follow-up examination by your medical provider is indicated.