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Throat hurts only at night
jenningsnicole posted:
For the past week my throat really hurts, but only at night. During the day I might have a slight soar throat and maybe towards the end of the work day I'll start feeling thirsty--with a slight sore throat. Later in the night (dinner time and on) my throat starts hurting, worse as the night continues (and it hurts to touch my glands/neck area). It kind of feels like I'm just really really thirsty...could I just be dehydrated (drink water at work but not when you get home from work??), did I strain something or am I sick? (I feel completely fine other than my throat). When this first started I didn't think anything of it, I was probably just getting sick. I would tell people at night that I was going to go to the doctors in the morning but then when morning came, I'd honestly forgot about it. It doesn't feel scratchy, just dry....but no matter how much water I drink, I still feel dry and thirsty. It hurts to swallow and talk. Any ideas, I really don't have the money for a doctor right now. Thanks!
Rod Moser, PA, PhD responded:
Your home may be too dry. A cool mist humidifier in your bedroom may be very helpful. Many people sleep with their mouth OPEN during the night, bypassing the nose. One purpose of our nose is to humidify the air we breath. Another suggestion would be to use saline nasal spray; again, for the moisture. Drink lots of water (although this will make you wake up to pee!) and suck on some glycerine-based cough drops or throat lozenges. A good teaspoon of honey will help coat the throat, too.

Yes, it is possible that you have pharyngitis -- a throat infection, but unfortunately, I have no way of examing you. If your symptoms persist, you really will need to scrape up the money to see a medical provider. Don't go to the ER unless you want a big bill.....

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