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Plug nose and blow creates weird noise
Bjd275 posted:
Still getting over an acoustic trauma almost 2 months ago. The distortion has gone and one ear hears slightly worse then the other. Id imagine they are still healing though as it is still improving, including the tinnitus (could be TMJ related as I recently was diagnosed with that as well). When I plug my nose and blow out, my ear makes a loud noise much like when you hold a ballon stretched open at the valve and let air out (that loud screeching noise) and my ears have been discharging very small amounts of clear thick fluid. Not enough to see on a q-tip but enough to feel on the finger. Any Ideas? I haven't had normal brown looking ear wax in over 2 months either what does that mean?

Bjd275 responded:
Also sometimes when I talk I can hear my left ear (the good one) sounding like a spring on top of a drum head for a quick second, like a vibration then it goes to normal. If I pop my ear it goes away.
Rod Moser, PA, PhD responded:
The change in the color or consistency of earwax is not medically-relevant, but it would be nice to know where this fluid is originating. While moisture can from in the ear canal itself, another possibility would be a small perforation or rupture of the ear drum. Those noises you are experiencing could be from a normal Eustachian tube, but if there is a small perforation, this could be another possibility.

The only way that you can be properly assessed is for you to see a medical provider -- someone who can examine your ears first-hand. Some small, marginal ruptures may be very difficult to see, so an ENT specialist would be a good choice.

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