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dizzy, vertigo?
An_244140 posted:
Wow! I have just started having the same problems that I see so many others. Since November, dizziness that has gotten worse the last 2 weeks with added head pressure. Went through blood tests, got my iron up with no help, otherblood work is good. Going to a neurologist next week. SHould that be the next stepor should I see a ENT first.
While its a relief to see that I am not alone, I am discouraged that there seems to be little help. I live in the Seattle area, weather? and had some life changes and stress that began at the same time, anxiety?
wish me luck
Rod Moser, PA, PhD responded:
Seeing the neurologist is appropriate. Since there can be hundreds of causes of vertigo/dizziness, involving nearly every body system, you have to start somewhere. Pinpointing the cause or causes of vertigo is not an easy task medically, and can be frustrating for both the patient and the medical provider. I can understand your frustration, but this is perhaps, one of the most difficult diagnoses to evaluate and manage.

It's not the weather. While stress and anxiety can play a significant role in most disease or conditions, it is far to early to attribute this as the blame.

Let me know what the neurologist has to say next week.
NancyJWT responded:
Are you a migraineur? If so (or if you have a family history of migraine), that's definitely one area to explore. Many migraineurs experience dizziness and head pressure.

Stress and weather (barometric-pressure) changes are among many possible migraine triggers. Weather changes can also affect people with Meniere's disease and some other inner-ear problems, although your symptoms don't sound like Meniere's.

Anxiety by itself can definitely cause dizziness. And of course, so can many other things. The good news is that most all causes of dizziness are treatable, and some are curable.

I hope the neurologist can give you a diagnosis. If not, ask the neurologist to refer you to an inner-ear ENT specialist. Good luck!

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