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Tinnitus And Eustation tube
Jayblev2 posted:
I have ear noise sensitivity at certain noise levels, have had a problems with Eustation tube or however u spell it, just in my left ear. The tube problem has been there for a year or so, just the tube easily closes n holds pressure when I'm driving around anywhere not just big hills and things, doctors gave me nose spray Allegra D and a anti biotic and that's it, I did have a head injury 2 years ago in march a concussion I bled on brain that was it no puncture wounds etc, but I feel great I'm not uncoordinated or anything I feel like my young self, so anyways long story short, I'm not making any or much eat wax in my left ear and when I stick a q tip in so far it's very sensitive and the other side isnt, could there be blockage on the other side? And this is what's causing my tubes to shut and require manual opening and what is causing my tinnitus?

Note: I take pre work out supplements when I lift, I don't cycle like its says 3 weeks on 3 weeks off its loaded w caffeine, could this be a part of the tinnitus cause?
Rod Moser, PA, PhD responded:
I have absolutely NO WAY of knowing what is causing YOUR tinnitus over the Internet, based solely on the information in your posting. There can be hundreds of reasons, and I do not know your medical history or have any way of examining you first-hand or ordering diagnostic tests.

I can make some general comments....

Eustachian tube problems can be very difficult to manage, and can have multiple (and over-lapping) causes. If you are having this much trouble, perhaps it is time to see an ENT specialist.

Your brain injury can be a major cause of tinnitus, so this needs to be investigated. Have you seen a neurologist? You may be able to see a neuro-otologist (an ENT / neurologist combo) if you can find one.

The lack of ear wax is not medically-relevant, but it can lead to external ear canal infections. Keep Q-tips out of your ear....ear wax is more beneficial than problematic, and Q-tips can make it worse. If you leave it alone, I suspect you will get some ear wax back.

And, lose the caffeine. This can be another factor that is associated with tinnitus.
Jayblev2 replied to Rod Moser, PA, PhD's response:
Ok thanks a lot !

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