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Ears ringing for 2 months after car accident
markmarhon posted:
About two months ago, I managed to put myself in the middle of a perfect storm regarding my ears. To start the night, I attended a NASCAR race which was about 3 hours of loud engines passing by about ever 50 seconds. On the way home, I was in a car accident with front and side airbags that deployed. Ever since my ears have been ringing, almost 2 months later. I saw an ENT and was prescribed Prednisone however it had no effect. It seems like the clarity of my hearing is getting better (or perhaps I'm getting used to it) but the ringing is persistent. It gets worse when I am in a lot setting for a period of time and the ringing seems louder and noises sound more muffled. But then it slowly gets better. It does not bother me anymore and sometimes I go a whole day without realizing that it's there. But just curious if after two months, that it means it is permanent. Thank you very much!
Rod Moser, PA, PhD responded:
The longer tinnitus lasts, the more likely it will become an unwanted part of your life from now on. Two months is really a narrow window of time, so there is a good chance you will improve....even after two months. You mentioned two tinnitus-causing incidents: acoustic trauma (the loud NASCAR noise) and, of course, the head trauma. You may have sustained a concussion without a loss of consciousness, since just quickly jarring the brain can cause tinnitus.

As long as you stay busy and involved, the tinnitus will not control your life unless you allow it. Sadly, there is very little that can be done to cure tinnitus. I know....I have had tinnitus for over a decade.
communit replied to Rod Moser, PA, PhD's response:
Wait wait....
Okay so how long will the ringing / buzzing last for?

Is it going to be an on going or what?

Is it true that it takes up to 6 months to heal
Rod Moser, PA, PhD replied to communit's response:
No one...and I mean, no one, can predict outcome in cases of tinnitus. I can take weeks...months...or in my case (not a car accident), it will remain. I have had tinnitus for over a decade now. Most of the time, it is not big deal.....I got used to it. I can't even remember what "quiet" used to be.

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