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Lots of ear problems. watery discharge, constant itching.
Axianamos posted:
A while back, I have no idea how long ago, my ears started constantly being itchy. Furiously itchy. So i used q-tips to relieve it. This led to several ear infections. Eventually I moved out of my house, and the itching kept up, and so did the ear infections.

I didn't have health care anymore so I couldn't afford doctors appointments, never mind antibiotics so I used hydrogen peroxide to cut down the infections. It seemed to work, but recently the buildup in my ears has gotten so bad its hard to hear anything. I started using a ear wax removal kit from CVS and I stopped using the hydrogen peroxide. They still itch, though not as badly as they used to. And now im getting this yellow watery discharge from my ears that smells like farts. The ear wax removal has helped with the blockage a bit, but it's taking a long time to go away. And i can feel another infection starting to crop up. I'm assuming it could be from liquid being trapped in my ear from the blockage. But im no doctor.

What am i supposed to do? I have no health care and no job.
Rod Moser, PA, PhD responded:
And, I have absolutely no way of accurately diagnosis or treating you over the Internet. Insurance or not, sometimes we need to be resourceful when it comes to medical care. What if you broke your leg or sustained a bad laceration? Many areas have free clinics, so see if you can find one.

There are many things that can cause itching, and they are all treated differently....infections, fungus/yeast, atopic dermatitis (eczema), psoriasis, etc. You need to have an ACCURATE diagnosis for this chronic problem FIRST, before you can get this problem cured. As you know, I can't look in your ear over the Internet, or run any tests to determine the culprit.

Find a way to get proper medical care.....

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