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Dr. M:Visit with my Ent today--here was what he said--also had hearing test
yanksgirl posted:
He said my hearing had improved some in both ears and in the bad ear is probably as good as it will get. He does think the good ear would benefit 'much' with a hearing aid too--so I saw the audiologist after visit with him and she's checking our new insurance to see if it will cover any of it.

She also adjusted the one I wear in my bad ear--a tad bit louder and I can tell a difference already--in fact could hear better right away.

However--and you knew there was a 'however', the doctor said much of my head pressure and light headed feelings are due to the Meniere's, but it shouldn't be as bad as I am having, so there might be an underlying condition.

He did say the surgery results themselves will take anywhere from 12 to 18 mos. to completely heal.Interesting, because I was first told It would take from 4 to 6 mos., then to 6 to 8 and now 12 to 18!
Guess I'm the latter--

Anyway, I told him how depressed I'd been and the anxiety this has caused me and done to my quality of life.

I told him my primary said that if he thought this head pressure, etc. was not causing all my problems, he'd order an MRI--with dye for the brain.My Ent said he thought that was an excellent idea.

Also, I told him about my recent anxiety filled days and trip to E.R. and the two cardioversions due to A-fib and that I'm now in sinus rhythm.
He said, 'wow', you've been through alot.

I told him my trip to the E.R. was due to anxiety and that I was now on Xanax and that helps alot, but tried the Prozac for 19 days and that made me worse.

So I then told him I was going to see the doctor he had recommended a long while back, the Psychiatrist, if this condition didn't improve and he was all in favor of that too.

So, now I have to call my Internist--give him the report and see if he wants me to have the MRI or wait on my visit to the other doctor.

I really hope he orders the MRI, because if all is ok that way, then I'll know the other doctor is my best chance of dealing with this.

If there's something on the MRI that indicates something else going on--and I really doubt it, but still, don't want to leave a stone unturned, then I'll at least rule out another possibility.

I'm a 'problem patient' for sure. My brain is 'so overloaded today' with all this information I need to rest it! LOL yanksgirl
Rod Moser, PA, PhD responded:
A MRI of the brain often tells your doctors what you DON'T have, namely, some type of occult brain lesion, tumor, or ? They just go hunting, and most of the time, they don't find anything. I had one myself several years ago when my vertigo was kicking up. While it is nice to know the MRI is normal, it is nicer knowing you don't have a brain tumor, and acoustic neuroma, or ? Statistically, your MRI will be fine, but I agree with your is worth doing.

Your ENT, but changing your recovery date, is really just pushing your down the road some more, hoping that your symptoms will resolve in 18 months now. Basically, he doesn't really know, and there may be little more that can be done surgically anyway. So....we wait, and hope, and pray...that things improve. Perhaps in 18 months, he will change it five years????

Many of your symptoms, especially the anxiety, is loosely connected, but because of the terrible stress that you and your family have endured, getting you on the right antidepressant is essential. You are beyond the time that one would be seriously grieving. Yes, that event is still very, very sad, but I think you need help now in coping. Once you start feeling better in this department, you will be better able to handle some of those terrible Meniere's symptoms when the occur.

Hearing aids are expensive and that is usually the time when you find out how lousy your insurance really is, but it will be nice if you are able to hear as close to normal as you can.

You have several doctors now, so I am glad you are informing all of them about what the other is doing, since it would be unusual for them to openly discuss your case as a 'team". It would be nice, but not likely to happen.

You are going to get better. I feel it in my aging bones.
yanksgirl replied to Rod Moser, PA, PhD's response:
I hope yours and my own 'aging bones' feel it too. Thanks.

ps: As to the grieving process--it varies by person as you well know. I grieve most for my daughter and granddaughter--then it turns inward because they are moving on but still have very difficult days and I have to tell you--so do I. Anyway, I'm encouraged somewhat after today. Time will tell. And you can be sure I do keep each doctor informed. If only they would 'confer' but that's a thing of the past. I do hope my hearing aid is partially covered--the first one was--but our insurance has changed, so we'll see. Thanks again Dr. Moser. yanksgirl
Rod Moser, PA, PhD replied to yanksgirl's response:
You are welcome, as usual. I will be here if you need me....

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