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Dr. Moser: Saw the Psychiatrist yesterday, had MRI today
yanksgirl posted:
Busy two days. The MRI w/dye took about an hour! I was 'ready for that to be over'!
Saw my new doctor about 45 mins. and he typed into a computer as he'd ask questions, rarely looking up except when he'd ask the question.
Not a 'warm and fuzzy' type at all, but very thorough. He said the next meeting would be about 15 mins. Not sure how much can be accomplished in that length of time.
After answering questions, I had to do a few tests--memory type and association type. Did well. My husband was in this first meeting with me. He thought he was very thorough and I did too, just didn't feel--yet--like he was a 'caring sort'. Spoiled I guess by you and my Ent doctor! Anyway, he said I posed a 'dilemma' due to so many adverse reactions to meds so he wants me on Xanax XR and since I have alot of the regular miligram of 0.25, he said I could do those until they are used up (taking 1 every 3 hours--or 5 a day! And never to take less than 4. So, we'll see how that works. I see him in a month again--he gave me a choice of a month or 2 weeks. I chose the month but can go in sooner if need be. He said most anti-depressants are going to make my head pressure and nausea and off balance worse--at least for awhile and maybe a long time, so he was reluctant right now to try any other meds. Really, I was glad of that as the Xanax helps with the anxiety. I am concerned about it making me very tired taking it that often. I usually get help from 3 a day and told him that but he wanted to increase it since I can't take the other type meds normally used for depression/anxiety due to many causes in my life. So--that's the lastest. I'll let you know what, if anything the MRI shows when I get the results. yanksgirl
Rod Moser, PA, PhD responded:
I suspect that the MRI will be fine, so don't worry. I hate having MIRIs, too, but it will be nice to know that everything is okay in the brain area.

Staying on the Xanax is just fine. It works for you, and your psychiatrist is just being cautious. That is good.

Thanks for the update. I am traveling at the moment, so Internet access is limited.
yanksgirl replied to Rod Moser, PA, PhD's response:
So nice of you to answer while traveling--I hope it's a vacation and not a seminar or something. Have a good time--relax and I'll update you in the near future. Thanks for answering----you're something!
Rod Moser, PA, PhD replied to yanksgirl's response:
It is a vacation, but I have been doing WebMD so long that if I don't post every day, it is like not brushing your teeth... you just don't feel right.

I will keep the responses a bit brief for a few weeks, and check the board as often as I can pending Internet services on the road.

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