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Hi-Dr. M: New hearing aid--update
yanksgirl posted:
Well, I did get a hearing aid for my 'good ear' about 3 weeks ago. Wasn't happy with it so went back today for an adjustment in the 'programs' and will know more in a few days as to how it's working. I couldn't get it in my doctor's office with the audiologist there--due to insurance coverage--so had to do an 'online' one, but did see a person, a licensed hearing specialist' and she had the audio tests from my Ent's office that I had sent to her and she took it from there. The digital behind the ear kind like I have on the other side. Not sure it's as good a quality but we'll see.
Also have an appt. with a 'therapist' next week--due to the ongoing anxiety/depression that comes and goes with all this meniere's thing and other things and the Psychiatrist thought it was a good idea--as he is hesitant to give me meds since I don't do them well.
He did offer to try one (and I've only seen him 2 times now) but when I went to get it filled, found out I couldn't take it with my heart meds for A-fib. I checked and double checked and then called my cardio doctor and he said 'no' to it.
Makes you go 'hmmmm'!

If I hadn't done the checking--I'd have taken it because the pharmacist at first said it was ok--then I read about it and called them and they advised me calling my cardio doctor. You do have to be your own advocate for sure.
The Xanax I'm tapering off of--slowly, as I'm not always having anxiety, and the doctor said I could do that.
But I want to have it available when needed, so now I'll see the therapist and hopefully in time--soon I hope, things emotionally will improve. It's been a journey, as you well know for sure. I'm getting out and doing things, just still not truly enjoying them due to this 'ongoing pressure' in my head. Still a mystery but may all be stress related--no one seems to know.

How is that shoulder of yours doing? I can only imagine you have to get discouraged too--so hang in there--we all care about you here--you've helped all of us so much and have been a 'true friend' and medical advisor a long time to me and most of all 'encourager'. Thanks so much. Yanksgirl
Rod Moser, PA, PhD responded:
This is exactly why all patients should stay actively involved in their own medical care...those doctors are just paid consultants. You are the one that needs to remain in charge.

I hope you can get the hearing aid tweaked....this is a common issue with most hearing aid users, so adjustments seem to be often needed.

You say the kindest compliments and always make my day. Thank you.

My shoudler? Still no good; less than half of my range of motion.. Thank God I have a right arm that works, or I would be in deep trouble. Tired to put on a short arm cast on a 5 year old last night (with my one good arm) and found it more difficult than I anticipated. You never realized how much you use your non-dominant arm until you really need it. My ortho said "wait a year". So, what else can I do? I will wait. I am sure not going back under the knife again!
yanksgirl replied to Rod Moser, PA, PhD's response:
How very frustrating for you to have gone thru 2 surgeries and still not have the full use of your arm. Your doctor sounds like mine--when he said, give it 12 to 18 mos.! I thought--what????
So sorry this has happened will pray that this time, even before a year, you get better and/or full use of your bad arm.

Yes, you're so right --patients have to be their own advocates and so many just say 'if my doctor prescribes' it's ok---and doctors are well meaning but cannot know all the side effects and contra-indications of different meds--BUT--they should check them out before prescribing---because most patients don't and they 'pay' for it many times. Thanks for your reply. Take care of yourself---you 'will' improve---I just know it!!! yanksgirl
Rod Moser, PA, PhD replied to yanksgirl's response:
Yes, we can both join the Frustration Club: me for my arm, and you for those ears. I think we both realize that medical science has limitations and is far from perfect....and surgery is not always successful. Rather than just blame it on the skill of the surgeon, people should appreciate that not all things are an easy-fix, or can be fixed at all.

Surgeons have big egos....they take personal pride in having outcomes that are perfect. You and I probably frustrate our surgeons a great deal!

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