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Mass came out of ear
HinduHipster posted:
So in July I had a severe ear infection and a mass came out of the affected ear. Cleared up after 600 mg of amoxicilin 3 times a day for 10 days. Things were fine. About a week ago I had a small itch in my ear so I used the dreaded q-tip and it came back with a black/gray ash like color on it. Flipped it over and did it again and this time a bit of blood and a bit of a dull pain. I knew then I screwed up a tiny bit. About a day later I had a pop in my ear like the previous infection and it was like that ear was down a long hallway. Couldn't hear worth a crap. Went to the ER a few days later when it became annoying to me. The doctor said I had a middle ear infection or something of the like and that there was so much fluid she could not see if the ear drum had ruptured. Gave me some drops and said it should clear up in about a week. Well I kept itching my ear a few days later (about two or three days ago now) with my pinky and I felt something on my nail. A mass came out (Pictured below) and it was not hard but kinda malleable and smelled god awful. Flecked through out was the blackish gray substance. What in the world could this be?
Rod Moser, PA, PhD responded:
Your picture did not appear, but even if it had, there is no way for me or any medical provider to make a "diagnosis" determine what this mass could be based solely on a photograph.

Blackish grey? It could have been many things from cerumen (ear wax comes in many different colors, especially when mixed with blood, eardrops, shedded skin, and other debris) to fungus. Various fungal pathogens can take up residence in the ear. For instance, Aspergilosis can leave a white or charcoal-black gob of goo that would really gross you out. It can smell and it can certainly cause the ear to itch like crazy.

The bottom line: Since I cannot see this mass first-hand (I hope yo didn't save it in a jar!) ,or examine YOU first-hand, there is no way for me to give you a definitive answer.

If you are still having issues, you will need to see an ENT.
poohrona responded:
I hit right click on link and the picture came through fine. I am currently going through the same thing and after my ruptured eardrum started draining, the same stuff came out of mine. It was grey and black. (more grey) Mine was a bit bigger than yours. I kinda think it is skin and gunk from inside ear. When I felt it and pulled it out it actually cleared out that clogged feeling for about 5 minutes then it clogged back up and has been clogged ever since. Last night a small piece of the same stuff fell out again. I too am on amoxicillin (500mg 4x day) and although I do not believe I have an infection, it hasn't really gotten any better or worse. My ear itches like crazy! It was itching before this happened. My other ear now is feeling like it is not fully open. I do not know what that stuff is for sure and would really like to know myself. I do know that this is the most irritating thing to go through and I want it healed and gone. It is driving me nuts!
poohrona replied to poohrona's response:
Update... I went to ENT and it is a fungus infection. plus the clogged feeling is due to an infection behind the eardrum. My eardrum had healed so now drops can be put into my ear. The grey and black hunk of junk as I call it was fungus coming out. I am taking oral antibiotics (not amoxicillin) and using a fungal ear rinse now alternating with a steroid drop into the ear... Hipster if you are still having problems, go to ENT doctor or the fungus will keep coming back...
Rod Moser, PA, PhD replied to poohrona's response:
Aspergilosis is the likely fungus (mentioned above), so I am glad that you were properly examined and diagnosed. The antifungal rinse (whatever you are taking) should do the trick but fungal infections are notoriously slow to heal. Yes, I home that this person saw an ENT like you have suggested....

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