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Swollen throat, no pain, hurting ears, sore body..
HeLachner posted:
My name is Haley and I am a 19 year old female. About a week and a half ago, I experienced a very sore throat. My right tonsil was very swollen, my left one was barely enlarged. I was only feeling pain on the right side of my throat. After a few days of a sore throat, I started getting the body aches and felt very weak one night at work. I ran a temperature of 99. My temperature wasn't very high but even someone acidentally hitting me hurt really bad--my body was so sore. These symptoms only last a day or two. Since then, I have been really tired, my body seems a little weak at times. A few days later the pain in my throat went away but my tonsils are still so swollen, my right one in particular. They have been this way for 3-4 days now. It hurts when I turn my neck from side to side and when I feel a tremendous amount of pressure in my head when my head's upside down. My ears hurt alot too when I wake up. The funny thing is, whenver I get a swollen throat, I never get strep it's just my tonsils are swollen and it's ALWAYS more swollen in my right one.
Any ideas on what I should do? I am debating making a doctors appointment but these headaches and pressure in my head/neck is driving me nuts!
Rod Moser, PA, PhD responded:
Debate no longer, Haley....seeing a medical provider for a hands-on examination is really the best way to go. While your description was vivid, I really have no way to specific comment on your one-sided tonsillar problem without examining you. There can be many reasons, but one reason fin particular can be worrisome. This is a peritonsillar abscess. These can become so large and painful that they are considered a true, medical emergency. Because of nerve pathways, any enlarged tonsil (or tonsils) can cause pain to be referred to the ears and neck.

Seeing an ENT specialist would be best, but if you cannot make these arrangements, seeing your primary care medical provider is a good place to start.

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