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Feels like Fluid in ears
An_247944 posted:
Hello there, I hope somebody out there can help me! I feel like there is fluid in my ears, I haven't been in the water so I know there can't be any trapped water. I noticed it for a little bit maybe a day or so ago but didn't notice it again until tonight. I did have a slight ringing in my ear earlier today but no other symptoms. My ear does hurt a bit now but I think that is just from me pulling on it and trying to get the fluid out. Any ideas as to what this can be? It is driving me crazy! Any temporary solutions would be much appreciated! I am a student away from home and can't get to any kind of a doctor until Friday or Saturday.
An_247944 responded:
Oh I don't know if it makes any difference but I am a 24 year old female and in a coastal town in the south, not sure if climate could be a factor. I also don't have much of a history of ear infections, not since when I was an infant when I had them frequently.
Rod Moser, PA, PhD responded:
If the fluid was in your ear CANAL, perhaps trapped by a wax impaction (common, if you are a Q-tip user), then the wax impaction would need to be removed or lavaged out in order to "break the wax dam". However, if the fluid is in your MIDDLE EAR -- the area on the other side of your eardrum, then lavaging your ear canal will not help. Since neither one of us can look in your ear, we have a problem....there is no way to know where this fluid exists without a hands-on exam. The treatment would depend on the location of the fluid, the extent of the fluid, and of course, the presence of an infection.

Since your ear hurts, this could be a sign of an infection, either in the ear canal or the middle ear. It is not recommended to lavage the ear when there is an infection, because the water pressure could rupture your eardrum.

It would be best for you to see a medical provider, even if you have to wait until Friday or Saturday.

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