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white spots on soft palate present and discipate in short time
iluvtomp posted:
hello all. I have had a terrible cold for nearly 2 weeks now and i usually am never sick. i believe it to be nearly 2 yrs since my last cold. several weeks prior to my cold i noticed that my tonsils had some white on them. i just associated this with tonsil stones. smoking. drinking. injury caused by food or drink. this usually comes and goes within a days period. i then started to become ill from a cold. i noticed these white spots appearing on my uvula and on my soft palate. they would appear and disappear within several hours time. yet i wasnt concerned because it was acute and seemed to be resolving. no pain was associated with the white spots and the closest i can compare them to is almost like dead skin or a scab. yesterday a.m i awoke with extremely sore soft palate and throat. these white spots covered my soft palate and the pain i felt was almost a chapped burning sensation. today i awoke withmost of the white spots gone but left over is redness and irritation where they presented. is it possiblee the virus i am fighting could cause a condition such as this? these white spots look similar to strep but i am quite certain this is not strep.
Rod Moser, PA, PhD responded:
You have me at a can see them, but all I have to go on is your description. Since I really can't examine you mouth and throat first-hand, I cannot offer you a patient-specific answer. White patche on the uvula or soft palate can be exudate -- a material that can occur with a bacterial OR a viral infection. For instance, mono is a virus, but can produce a huge amount of this white exudate. Strep can do it, but Strep tends to cause more red spots (called petechiae) than white material. Thrush (yeast) can cause white areas, too.

In order for you to have this problem properly (and accurately) diagnosed, you will need to be examined by a medical provider.
iluvtomp replied to Rod Moser, PA, PhD's response:
indeed. i guess i was just looking for some insight as to why the white spots are healing at a rapid rate. then im asymptomatic for several days and i get them again.
Rod Moser, PA, PhD replied to iluvtomp's response:
I don't know, at least not until it is determined what these white spots are in the first place.

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