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Cochlear Hydrops observations
jearfull posted:
I was diagnosed about one year ago and followed the recommended diet and diuretic prescription. I tried as hard as one can to comply but after six months I gave up.

Seems like giving up was more successful than the treatment. Now it comes and goes seemingly at will. I have noticed some things that bring it on and they are:
Buildings with positive air pressure systems.
Certain engines like a street cleaner.
Clothes washer and dryer and some refrigerators.
Other various noises.
Peanut butter.

I just spent the summer in Colorado in a cabin at 7,500 ft elevation. It was a remote location with almost no noise other than nature. I went 2 1/2 month with almost no symptoms. When I had to go to a store or building I might set it off but not for long or very severe. It was wonderful. It did suddenly return a couple of weeks ago and is pretty bad. When I have the stuffiness in my ears there is always a sore throat that happens at the same time. I do have reflux and there seems to be some relationship. I did not have any reflux symptoms during the period of no Hydrops symptoms.

My symptoms go away at night. Sometimes before I go to bed but always with an empty stomach. Usually my symptoms stay away until after lunch. Dr says no but I surely think that there is some relationship with food.

I would like to know if any one else has similar experiences.
Rod Moser, PA, PhD responded:
To complicate matters, there are no rules in medicine that a person can only have one medical issue at a time, or that all of your symtpoms are somehow related. You could easily have one of two different medical issues, some that may cause "cross-over" symptoms. For instance, hydrops can cause a feeling of fullness and hearing aberrations, as you have experienced, but some can ETD (Eustachian tubes dysfunction) as a result of reflux. Many people have silent reflux and do not have classic symptoms.

Even if someone else did have similar experiences, it does not mean you have the same, identical problem(s).

As far as your symptoms having a relationship to meal time or even what you eat, I really can't comment...I would need to know more details and correlate them with your symptoms.

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