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My Hydrops
jearfull posted:
I was diagnosed about a year ago. I was given a diet to follow and a diuretic. I stuck to it faithfully and took my pills as directed. Six months later nothing seemed to changed so I just gave up. That worked much better. Now after a period of normal it just starts back up. Some things that I think triggers it are:
Buildings with positive air pressure systems.
Certain motors like street sweepers. Seems to be a frequency thing.
Loud noise and some appliances. Restaurants are bothersome.
Peanut butter.
My ears are stuffed up and my throat feels constricted. I can't find any info about the throat constriction but the stuffinuss and throat are always together. Almost like a sore throat. Ringing in my left ear and diminished hearing more so in the left ear.
I spent this summer in the mountains of Colorado. A small cabin at 7,500 feet altitude and very remote where most of the noise came from birds. I had 2 1/2 months of wonderful relief. I only had problems when I had to go shopping or out to eat. Suddenly it started up again. Phoey!

I have reflux from time to time and there seems to be a relationship. I do not seem to have reflux without hydrops. It always goes away at night. Sometimes before I go to bed. Ironicly after all food is out of my system. I wake up feeling fine until about lunch time and it will start up and gradually worsten until about 10pm.

Does anyone have similar symptoms?
Stroft responded:
I was diagnosed with hydrops / meneires about 4 years ago after a couple episodes of extreme vertigo and hearing loss on my left side. I just lived with it until this past summer when I had vertigo almost every day. Started taking the meclizine but it made me drowsy. So I researched and came across Ginger Root for motion sickness and Ginko Biloba for head circulation. I now take them every day because it works. I don't know if it's one or the other or both since I started them simultaneously. It's been 2 weeks and I have no symptoms and my hearing has improved. Hope this helps! Best wishes!

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