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Need help, three bumps on my toe that i can't identitfy
kazikaz posted:
I noticed three connected skin colored bumps on my toe. They are not particularily painful by any stretch. I though they might be warts but I am 21 and have not had any in over 10 years. I thought it might be releated to wearing the same pair of socks for a few days. I do alot of walking for a living so I though it could be a fungus.

Attached is the picture.

Any help would be greatly appreciated as to what they are and how to proceed.

Thank you.

Rod Moser, PA, PhD responded:
Hey....why have you posted this on the Ear, Nose, and Throat community board ?

I am very sorry, but I am unable to offer you a patient-specific answer based solely on your photograph. Yes, it is possible these are warts, but their are many different types of subcutaneous lumps that can occur on your feet. You will need to see a health care provider so you can have this properly examined.