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hearing loss after ear infection
ljp9903 posted:
recently had a middle ear infection (may 2012). after a week or so the infection went away. the doctor told me that my ear drum was still collapsed and to try some things to get it to pop back up. nothing has worked, and i still have some hearing loss. any ideas? also, we are taking a vacation in december, is it safe to fly with this condition?
Rod Moser, PA, PhD responded:
Your eardrum may be retracted; not an uncommon condition after a middle ear infection. This is due to "negative" ear pressure (the middle ear is filled with air, but it is supposed to be at the same atmospheric pressure as the outside). In your case, there is a bit of a vaccuum.

December is a long way away. Most of these with resolve in time, but if you are still having symptoms, like your ear needs to pop, you will need to see your heatlhcare provider before you fly for the "okay".