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scary abcess
mmorgan1718 posted:
you are definetly right...I just took my compress off and upon closer examination, the huge swelling under my chin goes all the way out and around the curve of my chin, looks like a direct passageway to the abcess. I think when it went down and I thought it was going away, it was just draining directly into my lymph node. great. obviously that's really bad, but it's not like catastrophic right? just antibiotics I'm not gonna need a crazy procedure or a surgery am i? obviously because I'm having aaaaaall this pain and swelling in SO many places now the infection has spread to more lymph think oral antibiotics will be enough to fix the damage? thank you so much for your answer, definetly going to the ER. I was procrastinating cuz I was scared they were gonna say it's a tumor or something but im for sure goin now!!

hope I'm not walkin into a surgery situation cuz I've been a scaredy cat all week!!

Rod Moser, PA, PhD responded:
Sometimes, an abscess will need to be opened surgically to drain the pus...and sometimes, an infection is severe enough to require IV antibiotics. In a worse-case scenerio, people may be admitted to the hospital for more extensive care. Let's hope yours can be taken care of as an outpatient....

Let me know how things turn out.