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Sinus infection?
PinkamenaPie posted:
A little background before I ask: I have always had terrible sinuses. When I was 12 (I'm currently 23) I had to have my sinuses drained with surgery because medicine couldn't keep up with how fast the fluid was filling my cavities, and thus the fluid had nowhere else to go. I was told after that surgery that I was definitely going to need the surgery again. That helped for a couple of years, but now I feel like I'm back to having lots of infections again.

For a little over the past month (with it being its absolute worse the past week) I have been having what feels like a sinus infection. There are times where my face will feel like it is literally going to split open, others when it's hurting people can tell and tell me that my face looks swollen. I have also have had major fatigue. The past week I have been sleeping from 12-14 hours a day, with a desire to go right back to sleep all during the day. There has been a cough, I'm guessing from my congestion. I can't overstate how bad my face and head hurts though. It'll get to where I can't even focus on anything. I also find myself being more off balanced.

Any advice would be wonderful. Thank you.
Rod Moser, PA, PhD responded:
It is time for you to see an ENT specialist. A sinus CT scan is considered the best way to image your problematic sinsues, so this is usually the first step.

Chronic sinusitis can be treated in many ways, but like you mentioned, you may be a surgical candidate again. Depending on the severity of your disease, the ENT will be able to provide you with options that may range from surgery to the use of various medications (nasal corticosteroids, antibiotics, etc.).

Evaluation is first. Treatment options will follow.

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