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Feeling Hopeless
Lucy123 posted:
Please let me know if anyone can offer any advice or similar experiences:

11 days ago (Saturday) I began to feel this excruciating pain in my jaw. The pain radiated from my ear to my chin, but seemed to stem from the very inside of my ear and the hinge of my jaw. I thought it could possibly be related to a cavity, so I scheduled an emergency dentist appointment on the following Monday (9 days ago). Dentist checked out perfectly fine, he suggested I see my regular doctor about a sinus infection. I went straight to a walk in clinic, who barely looked at me but prescribed my antibiotics. I began taking them that day. I got into my regular doctor on Wednesday (7 days ago), who said I didn't appear to have a sinus infection, the very deep part of my ear was red, but nothing terrible. She felt a few enlarged lymph nodes on my cheek near the jaw hinge. we ordered a CT Scan, done on Friday (5 days ago) and she put me on stronger antibiotics. Scan showed pretty normal, confirmed the swelling of lymph nodes but nothing terrible. Today is day 10 (2 days on weaker antibiotics and 8 days of strong antibiotics) and pain is worse than ever in my jaw and deep in my ear, and now my throat. I looked in my own throat and I can tell that only the left side is red, but not the right. I am in so much pain I can hardly speak or eat and God forbid, handle any loud noises. My doctor got me into an ENT for tomorrow at 2:45. But I'm wondering, if the ct scan showed up clear, is there anything else the ENT can check for? What else could it be? Please let me know if anyone can help, I am completely at a loss, and in so much pain.

Additional info: I am 20 years old and also diagnosed with Lupus (SLE) but a mild case.

Thank you for reading!
Rod Moser, PA, PhD responded:
You are doing the right thing by seeing the ENT tomorrow. Yes, there are more diagnostic tests that can be done if the ENT feels they are necessary, including an MRI which can visualize soft tissue much better than a CT. You will be getting (hopefully) a higher-level examination by a specialist.

At this point, there is really not much more you can do. Certainly remain on your medications until you see the ENT to make sure you are being treate appropriately. Make you list of quesiton to take with you to the ENT. Someone else's experience or similar symptoms is not likely to be applicable to your case -- every person and every medical condition is uniquely different.

Please let me know how your ENT visit goes tomorrow.
Lucy123 replied to Rod Moser, PA, PhD's response:
Thank you for your response! I feel more hopeful knowing the specialist will be able to do more.
Rod Moser, PA, PhD replied to Lucy123's response:
Most definitely. Specialist tend to do additional tests and examinations in order to narrow down the clincial possiblities that could account for your symptoms.