Severe pain in the left ear and swollen gland in the neck
An_248385 posted:
I was swimming in the river this summer and now have a terrible ear ache. Actually, I was working everyday in and around the river. Also the lymph node on the left side of my adam's apple is slightly swollen.My sinus is still somewhat infected. I live close to an elevator that puts out corn dust. Also I have been on tetracycline for a month. Also, I took a round of amoxicillin two weeks prior to that. I received a deep puncture wound two months ago. I developed severe jaw pain and could not chew or swallow my food correctly. I was having sweating spells, tightness of the neck area, and some muscle spasms in the hands close to the injury site. I was given the tetanus vaccine in 2010. I did not get a booster till about a month after the puncture wound, when my jaw was locking and I was very,very sick. I realize I might have exposed myself to many harmful organisms.The tetracycline was finished a week ago. All symptons have disappeared except the ear pain. I was having severe headache when I went to the doctor.I have tinitus of the ears, I think only the left ear, it feels like some kind of fluid is in there. I gargled with aalt water and ran saline thru the sinus. Could this still be cephalic tetanus affecting the ear?
I know the clostridium tetani is in this water, as are strep and staph, and many other organisms. I am use to swimming in blue-green algae and wonder if you think this might be cephalic tetanus affecting my ears and glands. Thanks. THIS HAS BEEN FROM MID JULY TO NOW MID OCTOBER

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