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Another victim of the flu shot
RINC2012 posted:
I'm very sorry that I am in a position to even have to post to this community, but my story is like many of yours. I received my flu shot (as I do EVERY year--I am in the health field) on 9/20/12. Since that point in time, I've been in near constant pain. The shot itself hurt more than any other vaccine I've ever received. Then, it was intensely sore. At first I chalked it up to just an elevated tenderness to this year's vaccine. Now, here I am 4 weeks later still in so much pain that I can't lift up my toddler, buckle my seatbelt, etc. It began in my bicep, then sort of moved to the shoulder, and now the pain radiates from the shoulder into the bicep and elbow, and sometimes is even felt in my forearm. I went to my primary care and he prescribed prescription strength Naproxen which has done nothing to relieve the pain. I went to the orthopedist last week and received a cortisone shot. He felt that it was probably bursitis or shoulder impingement syndrome but didn't seem to care much about the fact that it started from the MOMENT that I received the flu shot. The cortisone shot has really done nothing except increase the pain for a few days. It's uncomfortable even when my arm is just doing nothing. There have been brief periods where I felt like the pain has almost gone away (like for a couple of hours), but it always ends up coming back. I have found information in this post and through my own research on SIRVA and it scares me to death when I read that "less than 1/3 ever recover". I am a young woman, and I can't go on like this. Have ANY of you recovered? Did you need surgery? Please help!

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