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chilon1 posted:
On 10/1/12 I had a firework thrown at me as a joke (horrible joke by the way) and it ended up exploding next to my ear. It caused my eardrum to rupture and hearing loss. Due to the rupture my ear was bleeding for about a week with some type of fluid as well. I went to the ER and the doc told me my eardrum was ruptured (um obvious)...i also followed up with an ENT doc last week and both doctors were unable to tell me anything. The ENT told me it was too soon to be able to tell if I will be able to hear again completely from my left ear. He gave me some drops to put in my ear as I have followed precisely.

My concern is WILL I GET MY HEARING BACK. At this point I hear a ringing noise as i have since it happened. I can also hear about 15-20% (i think). I had my girlfriend talk to me in my ear and i am able to hear her clearly but as she gets further i lose my hearing ability. I no longer have any blood or fluid drainage. I have occasionally heard popping noises in my ear the past couple of days. No pain whatsoever. I have read on many websites that I will get my hearing back but as many people with this problem start getting nervous.

Im just curious to know how long i should expect to wait before i can hear again?

My doctors seem to rush me out and dont give me a chance to ask many questions...maybe i should change docs....
Rod Moser, PA, PhD responded:
This is really an unanswerable question, my friend. No one can predict how long your hearing loss will last, or if the damage is permanent, because of the acoustic damage could be in your INNER EAR - an anatomical area that cannot be visualized during an exam. Healing (or the lack of) is such an individual process that setting any type of time line is really impossible. The reason the ENT avoided the question is that there is really no good answer.

That was a terrible thing to happen, and yes, your hearing damage could be permanent, but it is way too soon to make that call. The first thing that needs to happens is for your eardrum to heal; the second thing would be for you body to try and repair any damage in your inner ear. This can take weeks or months.

Your body has a remarkable ability to heal itself. This is good, since there is really nothing medically that can be done to orchestrate a cure. Time is the healer here...not the ENT or eardrops.

I wish that I had better or more optimistic news, but the damage that has occured cannot be reversed. Like you, I will hope for a complete recovery.

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