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Throat Issues?
Gnarwhal posted:
I have been increasingly concerned over what I found at the back of my throat today which I took a picture of (link below)…

I have no idea what it is and it's not causing me any pain. I have had occasional canker sores and have only recently that I was examining and saw this. Is it normal? For it to be like yellowish at the back? Or is this something I have to worry about?
Rod Moser, PA, PhD responded:
I only was able to look at your pictures a few seconds before my computer went wild and crazy; trying to debug and playing video ads in Spanish. This is why I don't usually do go off site and look at photos.

First, a photo is not worth a thousand words when it comes to your request to make an assessment. This requires a hands-on examination; one that is correlated to a careful medical history. I do not know anything about your medical history.

For these reasons, I cannot tell you if your throat is "normal". I can tell you, however, that the pharynx can have ectopic lymph tissue (often called "cobblestoning"), so this could be what you are seeing, but again, without the ability to examine your throat first-hand as a part of a more thorough ENT examination, I really can't make that call. Sorry.