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Drug-Supplement Interactions
phyllisweb posted:
I am looking for a way to improve my resistance to colds and viruses. Unfortunately I am taking the drug Orencia, which lowers the immune system by impacting on T-cells, so I cannot use immune system builders like Astragalus, Elderberry etc. Is there anything else out there (in the past I have had infusions of Vit C and Meyer's cocktail to fight illness) that might help me ward off the effects of these frequent colds and viruses?
Rod Moser, PA, PhD responded:
I am sorry, Phyllis, but this is beyond my area of expertise and not a part of my clinical practice. There are very few if any proven methods of boosting your immune system to prevent colds and other viral infections. If there were, everyone would be on-board. Yes, there are plenty of claims, but little, if any, scientific proof that they are safe and effective.